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SERVPRO of Oro Valley / Marana East

9/24/2018 (Permalink)

With our mold damage restoration services comes our experience and expertise working with your insurance company to get the funding you need to restore your home. We also have plenty of home building experience and will work to remove mold, repair or replace structural damage, deal with any moisture concerns, and add the finishing touches to your living spaces. It’s important to us that you can cut out the middle-man and work with us for the best results during mold damage restoration.

If you have concerns about a mold problem or need immediate assistance after a disaster, contact us at SERVPRO of Oro Valley / Marana East today. We are available to assist with all kinds of disaster cleanup services, including fire, flood, smoke, wind, and mold damage restoration.

Whether it’s mold, water, or fire damage, our team at SERVPRO of Oro Valley / Marana East has the most reliable emergency restoration services. We are available any time, day or night, to help with any problem, and you can trust us to do our best work every time.

Mold Damage- Mold grows when water damage has not been dried properly. If you have had previous water damage and are now seeing fuzzy or wet spots of mold somewhere in your home, call us today. The quicker a mold problem is taken care of by our professional restoration team, the less overall damage you will have to deal with.

Water Damage- Immense water damage, like a flood from a burst pipe, always happens when you least expect it. Our emergency restoration services are available 24/7 because these emergencies cannot wait. Immediate action must be taken in order to save your home or business. Our trusted team will respond quickly to clean up the mess and lower the possibility of mold growth.

Fire Damage- Fires are destructive, as well as the smoke and soot that comes with them. If these problems aren’t taken care of very quickly, the damage will be severe and permanent. Take action instantly after a fire and call our restoration team. We can fix all of the problems that come after a fire, and we do our best work to return your home or business to normal.

No matter what emergency you’re facing, contact us at SERVPRO of Oro Valley / Marana East today, and let our emergency restoration services team take care of it!

How Copper Internal Plumbing Could Cause Water Damage To Your Tucson Home

5/1/2018 (Permalink)

copper pipe that is cracked with water flowing out Rely on SERVPRO When a Copper Pipe Bursts Causing Water Damage in Your Tucson Home

SERVPRO Responds Rapidly to Tucson Properties Suffering Water Damaging Events

While modern construction has changed a lot of formerly common practices for residential properties to make them more efficient and better prepared for specific incidents, not every Tucson home has been constructed in the last decade or two. For those that might live in an older home in the area, the likelihood of an older practice like copper pipes instead of new PVC could have an impact on your home in the future.
While copper piping used to be the standard that predated PVC, only now are homes starting to experience the downside of having this material for their indoor plumbing. Copper got chosen based on its malleable nature and its versatility, traits that also attribute to its ability to rupture, break apart, and swell. The result of one of these unfortunate occurrences could be significant water damages to your Tucson residence.
Fortunately, SERVPRO can help you in the midst of this failure to find the right approach to restoring the damage that this plumbing disaster caused. Our initial inspection can determine the full scope of the damage you face, as well as what needs to get done to restore this damage successfully.
As with any water emergency, time is of the essence. The faster you can react, the faster our SERVPRO technicians can get dispatched to your home and begin the process of setting things right. Our tagline of We're Faster To Any Size Disaster means we can mitigate water damage with quick action. With water damages, drying is often a critical component of the process. This process allows us to remove all of the moisture from the area, preventing episodes like mold from occurring. Moreover, it also gives our professionals a chance to inspect structural components for severe damages that could indicate a need for replacement.
While you might not have thought about the material used to run your indoor plumbing before, it might be something to investigate before a water emergency threatens your home. If you are already amid these effects from such an emergency, trust in the experience of SERVPRO of Oro Valley / Marana East to help you clean up the mess and restore the damages you face. "Like it never even happened." Give us a call anytime you need us at (520) 620-9700.

Information concerning the city of Tucson by clicking.

Cooking and Fire Safety During the Holiday Season

11/21/2016 (Permalink)

It's that time of year again when we start planning our holiday meals and special gatherings. We all love Thanksgiving for the delicious food it promises and the perfect reason for extra calories. Did you know that Thanksgiving is the number one day for cooking fires? 

Leaving an area unattended while your cooking is the primary reason for trouble. The National Fire Protection Association has gathered together life saving tips to make sure your Thanksgiving is safe. Check out this link, and make sure you're prepared: http://www.nfpa.org/public-education/by-topic/wildfire-and-seasonal-fires/thanksgiving-safety

If you do run into trouble, we're always here to help.

How long has it been since you checked your smoke alarms?

9/20/2016 (Permalink)

Having smoke alarms property placed in your home or dwelling can have a major impact on your safety, and that of your loved ones and pets.

SERVPRO of Oro Valley / Marana East has had in crease in fire damage related calls for help. Just because there is more water in the sky this time of year, doesn't mean you should be relying on the environment to save your property.

To make sure you're up to code, head to http://www.nfpa.org/public-education/by-topic/smoke-alarms.

If you, your family, or your friends do experience a fire loss we'll be there for you. Just call us anytime at 520-219-2858.

Tips to get through the rest of the monsoon season

8/18/2016 (Permalink)

We're halfway through the monsoon season and you're probably seeing lots of interesting, and slightly terrifying bugs and animals. We know you love the smell of the creosote bushes, but make sure you stay inside when you see lightning.

Lightning strikes typically occur more than three miles from the center of the thunderstorm. Avoiding the use of electrical equipment and plumbing during a lighting storm is best. You can find out where the latest lightening strikes are by going to: lightningmaps.org.

Have you ever seen a car submerged in water in an area marked, "Do Not Enter When Flooded"? An Arizona law permits rescue agencies to collect up to $2000 for water rescues if a motorist gets stuck after driving into a flooded area they knew to be flooded. So if you're stuck somewhere and can't get home, or you can't see to drive, pull completely off the road. Don't leave your lights on and don't rest your feet on the brakes. Your car lights can encourage other motorist to follow you.

For more monsoon tips, check out this article: http://tucson.com/news/local/things-you-need-to-know-about-monsoon-season/collection_8fe6860e-397e-11e6-98ce-5366cbe11c02.html#9

As always, if your home or business gets into any monsoon trouble, give us a call at (520) 620-9700.

Are you ready for an emergency?

8/1/2016 (Permalink)

Did you know SERVPRO has an easy, and digital way, for you to keep track of the important information about your home and family in case there's ever an emergency?

We've developed an app available for download on iTunes and Google Play, which easily combines the most important information about your home into one app that can be accessed from any phone, tablet, or computer. Don't worry if you have all the information you need when it comes to securing a safe place for your family, or having the information at hand when you make a call in the middle of the night for because your roof is leaking.

At SERVPRO of Oro Valley / Marana East we've got your back. Our app is free to download, and if you need our assistance filling anything out or would like us to visit your home to give you a hand, that's free too. https://ready.SERVPRO.com/. Don't wait until your knee deep in water or running from the flames. Download and use our app today, or give us a call at 520-219-2858. We're always here to help.

Community Blood Drive

7/11/2016 (Permalink)

On Sunday, July 31 from 10 am to 4 pm we’ll roll up our sleeves and help save lives! The summer months bring tremendous heat and struggling supplies of blood in southern Arizona. Each pint of blood we collect can help save up to three lives and will touch the lives of so many more. SERVPRO of Oro Valley / Marana East will proudly partner with the American Red Cross to hold what we expect to be the first of many blood drives. 

The Red Cross has over 130 years of experience providing humanitarian aid – including more than 70 years of supplying blood to those in need. We are holding this drive to honor our friend Barbara Applebaum. Her car was struck in an automobile accident on April 17, 2016, on Oracle Rd. in Oro Valley. Barbara is still in intensive care at UMC.

Let’s show our community and the patients in need of blood just how much we can do. We are very excited about the drive. What a great way to pay it forward and make an impact on people in our community. We hope you come out to donate! 

To sign up:

• Go to: redcrossblood.org and enter Sponsor Code: SERVPROnwtucson 

• You can also call (800) 733-2767 

• Please remember to bring identification with you

It’s not every day that we do something that has such a lifesaving impact. We’ll be looking forward to seeing you at the blood drive. Let’s blow this out of the water! 

It's getting hot out there!

6/6/2016 (Permalink)

Summer is in full swing and summer activities drive us outdoors to enjoy the season. We all know to wear sunscreen to protect our skin, but what else should we do to stay safe?

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is a great resource for tips on how to keep yourself, your family, and even your pets safe. Click here for ‘Tips for Preventing Heat-Related Illness’: http://emergency.cdc.gov/disasters/extremeheat/heattips.asp

My favorite tip is when the sun is at its highest, why not participate in an afternoon siesta? If you’re able to rest when it starts to get the hottest you can avoid being overly exposed to the sun’s rays and maybe get a little shut eye.

Worried About Mold?

5/12/2016 (Permalink)

Close up of yellow mold Mold

Molds are found in every environment, and mold spores reproduce rapidly when moisture is present. The EPA advised that the potential health concerns from molds are an important reason to prevent moisture problems leading to mold growth. 

Many sources rank Arizona in the top 5 to 10 for the worst states with mold. Popular site Home Advisor ranks us in the top 10 : http://www.homeadvisor.com/article.show.Top-10-Worst-States-for-Mold.14164.html Many agencies that assign risk for insurance companies like American Risk Management Resources Network, LLC (http://www.armr.net/), either for health or property, rank Arizona the same. So what can you do to stay healthy and keep your family safe? 

If you experience water damage in your home or business, you need to properly dry out the structure. It looks dry to you but it may not be. We have meters that can read the moisture level of your walls and floor. We can tell you if your home or business is dry. If it's not dry, it will get moldy.

If you experience a musty smell anywhere in your home or business, or visually see mold, call us and we'll come take at look at no cost. If we're concerned about what we find, we work with a licensed Industrial Hygienist. They'll take a sample of the mold and test it. Don't lose any more sleep or ignore the problem and hope it goes away. 

SERVPRO of Oro Valley / Marana East (520) 620-9700

Suffer from allergies?

5/9/2016 (Permalink)

Sneezing? Itchy, swollen, red eyes? Do you suffer from seasonal allergies and have no idea where to get information about the environment's pollen levels?

Living in Tucson has made me very familiar with these questions. Since moving here a few years ago, I've developed allergies to plants I previously didn't know existed. I now think spending the first hour of every morning sneezing repetitively is completely normal. You can get really helpful information about pollen counts and even get an allergen email sent to you at your request by visiting: https://www.pollen.com/forecast/current/pollen/85701

This site has helped me when traveling. You can enter the city or zip code at the top of the page that you're traveling to for helpful information about the allergens and pollen counts in that area. 

Is your community Firewise?

3/30/2016 (Permalink)

The temperatures are mild in Tucson and this is the time to start cleaning up your yard to make it wildfire safe. You may understand the risk to your home by leaving around debris but does your neighbor?

The National Fire Protection Association has created a user guide to assist you in talking to your neighbors about being Firewise.

Review the materials in this link: http://www.firewise.org/usa-recognition-program/talking-to-your-neighbors-about-firewise.aspx

The link above contains a PDF that you can download and will detail how you can start a Firewise Recognition Program in your Community.

Love cookies and helping your community? This is the perfect event for you!

3/16/2016 (Permalink)

bicycle with cookies for wheels and says Tour de Cookie at the top Marana's Tour de Cookie

On April 9, you can take a casual bike ride along the Santa Cruz river to help the Marana Rotary Club, raise money to support important community endeavors. Friendly folks will be stationed along the Santa Cruz River Bike Path handing out cookies to participants. 

For information and registration, follow this link: http://rotarytourdecookie.org/

We'd love to here from you. Send an email to SERVPRO9194@earthlink.net and tell us what your favorite cookie is or send us pictures of your participation in the Tour de Cookie.

Look Up! Our night skies burn bright with stars

2/19/2016 (Permalink)

Recently, a friend from Los Angeles came to visit and they were very impressed with the beauty of our nighttime skies. Here in Tucson, we could easily forget that the rest of the country doesn't enjoy the blanket of stars in the nighttime sky we're able to view. 

With the season changing and spring getting closer, take a moment to visit the Flandrau Science Center & Planetarium. You'll learn all about our desert skies and get experience with a telescope. Check out their link for informatoin on hours of operation: http://flandrau.org/planetarium/skywatchers-guide

Join us in recognizing Rare Disease Day

2/9/2016 (Permalink)

green, pink and blue hands fanned out with a silhouette of a person Rare Disease Day

Every year the last day of February is Rare Disease Day. This day is meant to bring awareness to the rare diseases that impact our loved ones and our community. 

This day holds a special place in our hearts at SERVPRO of Oro Valley / Marana East. The owners of our location have a daughter who struggled with the rare disease right sided hemihypertrophy. My sister had an extremely rare occurance of an episode of Guillain-Barré Syndrome.

We'll be out in the community speaking with local business owners and insurance industry professionals, about this day and would love to hear from you!

If you would like your story to be mentioned on our Facebook page, please email us at SERVPRO9194@earthlink.net. Please include in the subject line 'Rare Disease Day story'.

We encourage you to check out the national website for Rare Disease Day at: http://www.rarediseaseday.org/

Curious about the blooming desert wildflowers?

2/3/2016 (Permalink)

This is the time of year when the rest of the country is the most jealous of our weather. Gas prices are at an all time low, so why not plan a drive and get a look at some of the amazing desert landscape. 

Our very own Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, provides a wealth of information about the variety of desert wildflowers. Check out this link for more information: https://www.desertmuseum.org/programs/flw_flowering.php

You can even call the Desert Botanical Garden wildflower hotline at (602) 481-8134. Get out there and enjoy our beautiful state. We'd love to see your pictures! You can email them to SERVPRO9194@earthlink.net with subject 'wildflower photo submission'. We'll post the best one on our blog. 

Dread New Year's Resolutions?

12/29/2015 (Permalink)

Every year during the last week of December you’ll start to see memes and articles focusing on New Year’s resolutions. If you’re anything like me, you utter a small groan and perform an eye-roll. What if when faced with the inevitable questions you’re asked about what your resolutions are, you had something more constructive about your life to offer?

This is what I purpose to you; the top three “advances” I made this past year. You can use whatever word you choose if “advances” doesn’t appeal to you. It’s true, we are ringing in the New Year at midnight, but what about everything we accomplished in 2015?

Every single one of us has made some kind of advances in their professional or personal life. The advance could have been very small, like finally mastering the correct alarm clock setting so you arrive at work at the precise moment you need to. Maybe your personal life advanced this year when you finally learned to say no to activities you’re invited to that you aren’t interested in.

Armed with the “advances” you’ve acknowledged in 2015, you can face the New Year with confidence and truly celebrate.

Happy New Year Everyone

Thanksgiving Safety

11/4/2015 (Permalink)

It's that time of year again when our minds turn to food and we anticipate cooking all our favorite holiday foods. Accidents on holidays are unfortunately very common. Avoid common mistakes by checking out safety tips from the National Fire Protection Association, here's the link: http://www.nfpa.org/safety-information/for-consumers/holidays/thanksgiving-safety

Happy Holidays from SERVPRO of Oro Valley / Marana East.

What to do if you experience a storm related loss

7/27/2015 (Permalink)

Don't panic and get everybody, including pets, to a safe place, is the first step in the 'What to do if you experience a storm related loss' section under the Insurance Tips tab on this very helpful site http://www.monsoonsafety.org/ 

There is a lot of valuable information on the site and after yourself and your loved ones are safe, please give us a call to help with the clean-up (520) 620-9700.

Curious about what Tucson temperatures should be?

7/24/2015 (Permalink)

The National Weather Service compiles information about cities all over the country year round. Check out this link to find out what temperature and rainfall is normal for Tucson: http://www.wrh.noaa.gov/twc/climate/tus.php